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Name:The Roslin Presidential Archive (2nd Term)
Posting Access:All Members
disaster recovery plan: this is a mirror of thearchive2 on LiveJournal

[T]he archive, as printing, writing, prosthesis, or hypomnesic technique in general is not only the place for stocking and for conserving an archivable content of the past which would exist in any case... The archivization produces as much as it records the event. - Jacques Derrida, Archive Fever

why: so we'd have a home for season four, a reservoir for our surplus desire/creativity/intelligence
what: you may post
  • BSG fic, art, vids (new work only please)
  • AUs, crossovers, RPF, crack, and whatever else
  • discussion/meta about season four episodes and issues, in text or audio/video recorded
  • ideas and invitations for collaboration
who: anyone, but especially Laura Roslin and those more or less in her orbit
when: anytime, but especially season four and extending backwards to anything post-occupation
where: optional episodic challenges will be provided

there's no need to police what "counts" as part of this project; if you want it to be here, it's allowed here. that said, you are encouraged to consider experimenting with "postmodern" schemas. below you'll find an incomplete list of potential formats. the examples are rather randomly selected for inspirational purposes only, and owe a great debt to cathexys's far more comprehensive collection of links. to offer or ask for technical resources/advice, or for other questions/suggestions for the community, comment on the open thread

+ stylistic experiments
innovates in prose or poetry+ poetry by trascendenza / haikuathon
+ twitterfanfic by projectcyborg / 1sentence
+ write at backwards at the Bordello
+ formal experiments
challenges the tyranny of the page+ Every Letter an Alphabet by jae_w [hypertext]
+ Nine Things John Had Loved and Lost by nifra_idril [footnoes]
+ Parallel Lines by Ruth Devero [columns]
+ multiple narratives
diverges with various endings, choose-your-own-adventure, or otherwise+ Visitor by kellychambliss and Boadicea
+ Hospitality by kbk
+ Interactive Legloas slash story by multiple authors
+ documents
mocks-up of tangible ephemera+ the documentation challenge at ds_flashfiction (also seen at sga_flashfic)
+ letters
narrates in the epistolary tradition+ Correspondence by quinn222
+ To Whom it may concern by flatlanddan
+ post secret challenge at sga_flashfic
+ journalism
imagines fiction as news+ The Kids Aren't All Right by samdonne
+ The Femslash Enquirer by trancer21
+ other nonfiction
archives for posterity+ Written By the Victors by cesperanza
+ De Loquente Carne by glossing
+ multimedia
combines text with other art forms+ Flesh Mechanic by Kel and Lise
+ Mission Report by lim
+ Missed the Saturday Dance by zoetrope [uber]
+ The Lottery by trancer21 [screencaps]
+ shoebox_project
+ non-traditional vids and art
deviates from the conventional formats+ Grapes of Wrath by dualbunny, absolutedestiny, and tzikeh
+ Ways to Defeat the Wraith Through Good Health by zoetrope
+ Stargate Atlantis - A Mini Adventure!
+ How to Spot a Cylon
+ audio
uses sound creatively (podcasts, mashups, etc.)+ Missing Episode by zoetrope
+ writing sound
+ remixes
reimagines a story (with the author's permission only!)+ Thirty Days (The Readermix) by Maggie
+ Start. Stop. Stutter. by zvi_likes_tv
+ fanfic_and_vids (for fic trailers)
+ AUs / ARs / ubers
casts familiar characters in unfamiliar situations or worlds+ Sell Yr Soul 4 Rock'N'Roll by jennyo
+ Silent Legacy and other recs from Xena
+ metafic
makes a critical argument or intervention, and/or comments on the extratexual circumstances of the show or fandom+ As Lucid As Hell by Sandy
+ RPF / paratext awareness
incorporates known elements of the show's production context+ And Be One Traveler by amireal and trinityofone
+ RPG-esque
renders the characters in a recognizable threaded milieu+ Another Kind of Fandom Wank by arionrhod and scribbulus_ink
+ LantisJournal by ana_grrl and mklutz
adapted from Zazaone for profile_layouts

layout adapted from [community profile] vigils
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