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Hey guys, Athena here! I'm inviting Cylons and Colonials alike to a shower celebrating the impending doom arrival of Caprica’s monstrosity bundle of joy! After long anticipation, Caprica-Six will finally have HER OWN BABY.

Hera drew the invitation, isn't she the cutest?

Fingers or flippers, a tail or ten toes, what are they having? nobody knows! )

Caprica-Six has registered for: Projections for Flipper

Guests are encouraged to contribute projections imagining and guiding the course of Baby Flipper’s life:
• What will Flipper look like -- a glowing spine like Mommy? a permanent scowl like Daddy?
• What new blessings and challenges will motherhood bring Caprica?
• What is Flipper’s role in the Shape of Things to Come?
• What message would you like to convey to Flipper?

In light of security concerns, all gifts must be vetted through staffers [livejournal.com profile] projectjulie and [livejournal.com profile] grrl_unscripted at the Presidential Archive before being delivered to the guest of honor via Datastream (Twitter).
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What's the chatter on the wireless? The data in the stream? The signals from the stars? Is anyone listening? Fanworks of all shapes and colors, you know the drill...

All ten challenges remain open over hiatus, and unless they get TONS of responses in the interim I plan to reprise them for the back ten episodes. Happy midseason finale, everyone!
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The way Cylons see the world. Also, [noun]:

• The act of visualizing and regarding an idea or the like as an objective reality.
• A prediction or an estimate of something in the future, based on present data or trends.
• A plan for an anticipated course of action.
• The act of communicating distinctly and forcefully to an audience.
• A thing or part that extends outward beyond a prevailing line or surface.
Cartography: A system of intersecting lines, such as the grid of a map, on which part or all of the globe or another spherical surface is represented as a plane surface.
Photography: The act of reproducing on a surface, by optical means, a remote image on a film, slide, etc.
Psychology: The attribution of one's own attitudes, feelings, or desires to someone or something as a naive or unconscious defense against anxiety or guilt.
Alchemy: The casting of the powder of philosophers' stone upon metal in fusion, to transmute it into gold or silver.
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What's smaller than a breadbox? Or a drabble (100 words), icon (100x100 pixels), vidlet (under :30)? Create a fanwork of extra small size (you could consider writing something in 140 characters, [livejournal.com profile] 1sentence, six words, or a haiku). Alternately, create a fanwork about something extra small (an animal, an embryo, an almost invisible gesture).
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Inspired by Found magazine: create a scrap, document, artifact, or other ephemera that could have been discarded or lost. Or perhaps something less tangible that has been found. Alternately, write a story about the finding of some such flotsam (I'm not going to hide the fact that I hope the detritus is FANFIC).

Next challenge in two weeks! Challenges open indefinitely!
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You can interpret that as you like: a project about the Hybrid; a project about the theme or experience of hybridity more generally; a project that is hybrid in FORM (such as multimedia); a remix or collaboration.

All challenges still open!
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Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] millari's She Has a Plan(ner), [livejournal.com profile] dionusia's The Tight Has an Agenda, and Skiffy's Miscellaneous Fleet Message Traffic thread (see also [livejournal.com profile] livewireless), both via [livejournal.com profile] bsg_crack, this week's challenge is MEMO. Create a communiqué, agenda, or note-to-self (in any format or medium).

All challenges remain open!
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ONE WILL BE REVEALED... and it's not who you think! Forget the season four speculation; who's your pick for the final Cylon if it could be ANYONE YOU WANT? Create a fic or artwork that casts a person (real or fictional) who ISN'T a BSG character as Number Seven/Twelve/(math is hard).

I also invite you to comment here with existing crossovers that fit the bill! Here are a couple off the top of my head:
[livejournal.com profile] lyssie - Home (Sam Carter)
[livejournal.com profile] goddesspharo - The Once and Future Thing (House)
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Write or make a broadside espousing strong beliefs -- whether political polemic, religious propaganda, or sexual proclamation. It could take the form of a leaflet, a letter, a law, or a promotion. You may wish to consult some other manifestos for inspiration.
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What's the scuttlebutt? Dish a rumor that's being spread by the Fleet's muckrakers, scandalmongers, or tittle-tattles. You could present it Overheard style, tabloid style, Gossip Girl style, or Smoking Gun style -- or as regular fanfic!

This challenge will remain open throughout the season. CUT SPOILERS.


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