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CVM Productions presents Battlestar Redactica, a fan-edited, non-profit transformative work designed to offer a coherent alternative to the final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica.

Material from all episodes is incorporated and re-arranged to create new storylines and significantly change many of the emotional emphases.

This project is designed as a celebration and reclaimation of an extraordinary story. When answers reduce rather than inspire, we can always ask more questions.

Anything you find here can be freely redistributed or linked, wherever, whenever, however, although I would take it as a personal favour if you did not take credit for having created it yourself.

My deepest thanks to my friends who supported me in this project and put up with the thousand drafts I threw at them.

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Battlestar Redactica.

1. Sometimes a Great Notion. (AIRED EPISODE)

What the Frak Happened Official Recap. )

2. Battlestar Redactica: a Fan-edited Mutiny. (FAN-EDITED EPISODE)

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What the Frak Happened Official Recap. )

4. Battlestar Redactica: a Fan-edited Resurrection. (FAN-EDITED EPISODE)

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5. DVD Extras.

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Deleted & Alternate Scenes - Download & Streaming. )

Audio Commentaries - Download Only. )

A Fan-edited Mockumentary - Download & Streaming. )

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6. Catalogue of Edits & Editorial Intentions.

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...and...that's it. ;)

I love you all.


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