Jun. 28th, 2009 02:32 pm
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Video: [ profile] beerbad
Annotations: [ profile] cyborganize
Characters: Starbuck/Roslin/Hybrid
Spoilers: 406 "Faith" & 409 "The Hub"
Components: constructed scene; YouTube annotations; videos by the Cylon Vidding Machine and others
Summary: see as the Hybrid sees -- a hypervid of fan projection

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Title: Tomorrow -12: Television
Concept & Sound Editor: [ profile] cyborganize
Video Editor: [ profile] beccatoria
Spoilers: Through 4.09 The Hub.
Summary: Ninth in a series of deadly serious crack vids set to mid-twentieth century film audio from the Prelinger Archives. This time? The dream of television!

Direct download available here. Right Click Save As!

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