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Video: [ profile] beerbad
Annotations: [ profile] cyborganize
Characters: Starbuck/Roslin/Hybrid
Spoilers: 406 "Faith" & 409 "The Hub"
Components: constructed scene; YouTube annotations; videos by the Cylon Vidding Machine and others
Summary: see as the Hybrid sees -- a hypervid of fan projection

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ATTENTION! We have observed a growing tendency, particularly pronounced on the part of one [ profile] kiki_miserychic, to succumb to DEVIANT BEHAVIOR. Such DEPRAVITY can only lead to terrifying consequences: DEATH! PORNOGRAPHY! UNDEATH! PESTILENCE! APOCALYPSE! We urge you to heed the following cautionary tale...

[ profile] beccatoria .............................. video editor
[ profile] grrl_unscripted ..................... audio editor
[ profile] cyborganize ..................... graphic designer
[ profile] heyiya ..................... production coordinator
everyone ........................... script/storyboards

Title: The Enemy Within
Video: Battlestar Galactica (2003), plus Gia & Mulholland Drive
Audio: original music from Them! (1954) composed by Bronislau Kaper
Warning: NUDITY
Summary: These MONSTROUS WOMEN pay a price for CHEATING DEATH.
Notes: The Cylon Vidding Machine's gift for [ profile] kiki_miserychic in [ profile] zombiep0rn & [ profile] thearchive2's "memo" challenge. You cannot imagine how difficult it was to keep this secret from Whitney all month.

Download 29MB AVI (RightClickSaveAs)

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Much like twitter itself, the anarchic twitteRPG seen here continues to evolve and captivate in unpredictable ways despite its many limitations and erratic uptime. Twitter's capacity to support diverse forms of communication and creativity far beyond its stated purpose has garnered a lot of attention, particularly for those uses that are collective and emergent -- fictional characters included. While the remarkable coterie of Mad Men twitterers have deservedly gotten the most press, our Battlestar Galactica network also hit the blogosphere, where Infocult described it as "on the chaotic end of Web 2.0 storytelling, with authorship and IP fairly open." If you'd like to hear more about my experiences with the project, here's the videoblog:
One of the features twitter lacks is the capability to view an aggregated friendslist (for an account other than your own). As a workaround, The Hybrid has been archiving the ongoing narrative in favorites. This is not an ideal reading interface, however, so as a joint effort of myself and [ profile] pirateygoodness we hereby present the first almost 400 individual tweets in a single-page, top-down installment. If you survive the scrolling, you will witness the organic development of a completely insane and largely frivolous experiment in collaborative fan writing.

NB: Inclusion of tweets is discretionary based on their contribution to the story. This is not a complete record of all tweets by all characters.

This post contains 40 images under the cut and is NOT dial-up friendly. You can view them one at a time in order in this gallery.

TWITTERERS (to date)
revealing the identities that are known to me -- will add other credits by request

Bill Adama
Lee Adama
Karl Agathon
                Sam Anders - [ profile] millari
Gaius Baltar
                D'Anna Biers - [ profile] tellitslant
                Centurion - [ profile] ramiah
Leoben Conoy
                Tory Foster - [ profile] projectjulie
Felix Gaeta
                Laura Roslin - [ profile] grrl_unscripted
                Caprica Six - [ profile] pirateygoodness
Number Six
Kara Thrace
                Saul Tigh - [ profile] beccatoria
Cally Tyrol
Galen Tyrol
Tom Zarek
One True God
The Final Cylon
                The Hybrid - [ profile] thearchive2


You can read more of the continuing saga, including the grand entrance of @Laura_Roslin, in the DATAFONT...

ETA: As of February 19, 2009 you can follow the twitterverse at the new and improved DATASTREAM courtesy of Yahoo Pipes.
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Title: Four Things Laura Didn't Forget, and One She Did
Characters: Laura/Tory
Spoilers: 408 "Sine Qua Non"
Components: screencaps of my twitter flash badge
Beta: [ profile] beccatoria
Summary: Small objects in less than 140 characters.
ETA: Tory now has her own twitter!

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Title: My Family, by Hera Agathon
Characters: Laura/Kara, Natalie, Tory, etc.
Spoilers: 407 "Guess What's Coming to Dinner"
Components: crayons, paper; all the artistic ability of a preschooler
Participants: [ profile] beerbad and [ profile] notpiecebypiece
Summary: Hera had the right idea. If coloring would help YOU process BSG's family ties, you're invited to submit your own drawings! Leave a comment with a scan, or send a link and I'll ETA the post...

A child's view of the events surrounding the Cylon rebel alliance, in found drawings. Said child apparently likes pretty ladies, and may be an early candidate for Girlslash Goggles.

64 colors )
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Title: Tomorrow -15: American Engineers
Concept: [ profile] cyborganize
Editor: [ profile] beccatoria
Beta: [ profile] heyiya
Spoilers: Through 4.06 Faith.
Summary: Sixth in a series of deadly serious crack vids set to mid-twentieth century film audio from the Prelinger Archives. This time? We have American Engineers!

Direct download available here. Right Click Save As.

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Title: New Pathways: The Pythian Palimpsest
Characters: Starbuck/Roslin
Spoilers: 402 "Six of One"
Components: PowerPoint+audio lecture; screencaps; excerpts from The Word by [ profile] aeonian and I (written, apart from the fifth section, in Spring 2006)
Consultants: [ profile] aeonian and [ profile] beccatoria
Summary: The Cylon God is a Starbuk/Roslin shipper. Still. (A sequel of sorts to the BioCylon User Manual.)



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Title: BioCylon User Manual (an excerpt)
Characters: Tory, Caprica, Roslin, Starbuck
Spoilers: 401 "He That Believeth In Me"
Components: CRACK; screencap illustrations; my complete lack of actual programming knowledge; concepts from TransCoder by Zach Blas
Beta: the long-suffering [ profile] _plasticity_
Summary: To improve HCI, BioCylons are equipped with an algorithm ("Slash Goggles") which establishes, based on visual data, the variant sexual preferences of human subjects.

function slash_goggles($desire) )


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